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  • AI-Infused Certified Cyber ​​Intelligence Analyst – říjen 14-18 Ft. Myers, FL
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AI-Infused Certified Cyber ​​Intelligence Analyst – říjen 14-18 Ft. Myers, FLAI-Infused Certified Cyber ​​Intelligence Analyst – říjen 14-18 Ft. Myers, FL

AI-Infused Certified Cyber ​​Intelligence Analyst – říjen 14-18 Ft. Myers, FL

Cyber ​​Intelligence Tradecraft – Fort Myers, FL 9.–13. září


Na vyžádání ve většině lokalit. Minimální velikost třídy - 8 studentů. Kontaktujte nás pro informace. Školení životního cyklu kybernetické inteligence založené na umělé inteligenci. Tento kurz navazuje na Mezinárodní asociaci pro standardy vzdělávání inteligence pro počáteční školení analytiků s přidanými rozšířenými moduly o strukturovaných analytických technikách (SATS) a nejdůležitějším, analytickém psaní. I. Úvod do zpravodajství - OPSEC II. Kritické myšlení III. Analytické psaní IV. Kreativní myšlení V. Analytický briefing VI. Strukturované analytické techniky. VII. Analytické problémy - OSINT a Darknet Collection VIII. AI Metody sběru, analýzy a analytického psaní IX. Případové studie

readstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training: AI-Enhanced Training Program

Course Overview (we will customize as needed)

Welcome to the future of cyber intelligence analysis! Our groundbreaking AI-Enhanced Training Program bridges the gap between human expertise and machine intelligence. The Treadstone 71, (since 2002) comprehensive training program adopts a holistic approach to cybersecurity and intelligence analysis, using AI to enhance traditional methodologies.

Anonymity and Passive Persona Setup

  • Examine anonymity and passive persona setup through AI-driven collaboration, we empower you to detect potential risks and vulnerabilities during the persona setup process. AI tools help in creating, managing, and analyzing passive personas to ensure they remain undetected while gathering intelligence.

Glosář a taxonomie

  • We introduce an AI-powered search function that simplifies terminology definitions and swiftly reveals relationships between terms, making your research more efficient. The student-created tool ensures you have a clear understanding of all relevant terminology, improving your analytical capabilities.

Provozní bezpečnost (OPSEC)

  • Incorporate AI tools to assess and optimize your operational security setup, identifying potential weak links in your security chain. These tools provide real-time analysis and recommendations to enhance your OPSEC practices, ensuring a robust security posture.

Understanding Intelligence

  • We provide real-time simulations with AI to demonstrate the limits and capabilities of modern intelligence methods. The module ensures you understand what intelligence can and cannot do, helping you set realistic expectations and goals for your intelligence activities.

Techniky a nástroje inteligence s otevřeným zdrojem

  • Learn how scrape, analyze, and categorize data within open-source intelligence (OSINT). AI enhances your ability to gather and analyze vast amounts of data from open sources, providing deeper insights and more accurate intelligence.

Analýza zúčastněných stran

  • Build stakeholder analysis models based gaining valuable insights into leadership requirements and reporting methods, helping to understand stakeholder perspectives and potential impacts on your intelligence operations.

Intelligence Requirements to PIRs (Priority Intelligence Requirements)

  • Prioritize PIRs based on historical data and forecasting, streamlining your intelligence-gathering process. AI tools ensure that you focus on the most critical intelligence needs, improving the effectiveness of your operations.

STEMPLES Plus - Hofstede Principles - Indicators of Change

  • Build pattern, trend, and tendency analysis, identifying early change indicators across various cultural and social dimensions. Targeted STEMPLES Plus coupled with AI analysis provides invaluable insights, enabling proactive measures against potential threats.

Adversary Targeting - D3A F3EAD

  • Aggregate and correlate during the Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess phases of adversary targeting and attribution while enhancing precision in targeting. Help identify campaigns and analyzing adversary activities, ensuring proper tracking, and accurate and timely responses.

Collection Methods and Techniques

  • Sort and categorize collected data, vastly improving efficiency and focus. Learn how to  integrate AI into your standard human collection methods, ensuring thorough and accurate data collection.

Collection Planning, IRs/PIRs/EEIs/Indicators/SIRs

  • Optimize the planning phase, allocating resources more effectively based on predictive analytics. Complement your efforts with AI to help in developing detailed and accurate intelligence collection plans, ensuring all intelligence needs are met.

Collection Process Flow

  • Integrate and automate certain stages of the collection process, allowing for a more streamlined and effective data-gathering process, improving the overall efficiency and accuracy of your intelligence operations.

Collection (OSINT) Tools and Targeting

  • Identify patterns and suggest potential OSINT sources that might be overlooked. This module teaches you how to combine AI with traditional methods to enhance your OSINT capabilities, ensuring comprehensive intelligence collection.

Most Likely Threat Actors

  • Continually update and prioritize threat actor profiles based on emerging data and trends. This ensures you are always aware of the most current and significant threats.


  • Automated analysis features within Hunch.ly to highlight relevant data and trends, simplifying complex analysis. Hunchly enhances your ability track, assess, and analyze collected data.

Open Semantic Search - Oracle Virtual Box - OVA Setup - Tracelabs

  • Use semantic analysis and optimization of virtual machine settings enhance intelligence gathering and analysis. Hands-on experience for managing and analyzing virtual environments.

Darknet Sites of Interest

  • Explore and analyze darknet data for threat intelligence, uncovering hidden threats. This module ensures you are equipped to identify and analyze potential threats from the darknet.

Social Media - Off the Beaten Path

  • Find and analyze data from less common social media platforms, widening the scope of your analysis, enhancing your ability to gather comprehensive intelligence from diverse sources.

Burn Phone Setup and Use (US Only – US-based courses)

Structured Analytic Techniques SATS

  • Validates or generates alternative hypotheses using advanced SATS based on available data, enhancing your analytical capabilities, teaching students how to integrate AI into structured analytic techniques, ensuring thorough and accurate analysis.

Adversary Denial and Deception

  • Model adversary denial and deception techniques, allowing for more effective counterstrategies, expanding your ability to identify and counter adversary tactics.

Source Credibility and Relevance

  • Implement automated credibility and relevance scoring through machine learning algorithms, ensuring the accuracy of your analysis, using tools and techniques for evaluating the credibility and relevance of your sources.

Úrovně důvěry

  • Calculate confidence levels based on various data inputs and historical reliability metrics, enhancing the quality of your assessments, ensuring intelligence products are accurate and reliable.

Analytic Writing, BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), AIMS (Audience, Intent, Message, Structure)

  • Define and build grammar and style checkers refining and improving your analytical writing, making your reports more effective. Students learn how to use AI tools to enhance your writing skills while not looking like an AI enhance product.

Forecasting in Your Writing

  • Create forecasts and estimates using analytics tools improving accuracy in analytic reports, improving strategic decision-making. Students learn how to provide accurate and actionable forecasts.

Threat Hunting with TaHiTI & MaGMa

  • Identify patterns, anomalies, and potential threats during threat-hunting, making your security measures more proactive.

Výhody kurzu

  • Používání uznávaného jazyka napříč zpravodajskou komunitou.
  • Pochopení toho, co inteligence je a co není.
  • Schopnost používat různé analytické nástroje, metody a techniky.
  • Rozvíjejte odborné znalosti v analytických technikách podporovaných umělou inteligencí, jako je automatizovaný sběr dat, analýza sentimentu a prediktivní modelování.
  • Znalost jak vyhodnocovat a syntetizovat data.
  • Naučte se používat algoritmy strojového učení pro vyhodnocování dat a rozpoznávání vzorů.
  • Schopnost rozpoznat a zmírnit kognitivní předsudky.
  • K identifikaci používejte nástroje s umělou inteligencí.

Course fees include books, two months of ChatGPT access, course artifacts, and instruction.

Mature your skills and capabilities becoming a cyber intelligence powerhouse. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain an edge in modern cyber intelligence analysis. With the AI-Enhanced Training Program, you won't just keep up with the rapidly evolving environment – you'll lead the way! Streamline your processes and stay steps ahead of emerging threats. The time for action is now. Enroll today and be among the elite professionals shaping the future of cybersecurity and intelligence. Join us on this thrilling journey, and let's conquer the intelligence problems together! Nečekej. Jednej teď! Vaše budoucnost v oblasti kybernetické inteligence začíná zde. Zaregistrujte se ještě dnes a prozkoumejte sílu analýzy inteligence vylepšené AI!

  • Course length is 5 days. 7:30 to 5 daily.
  • Course locations and dates for 2025 TBD or based on student/company needs.

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